30/07/2014 - Wednesday


So the good people at Kult magazine asked for me to do some work for them. Here we go. I hope you guys like. Will upload more pictures when I get them.

Tokyo next week. YEAAAAAH.

15/07/2014 - Tuesday


Summer holiday soon. YAY! So I should have a couple more pieces up. Although I'll be busy traveling. Japan is a beautiful place.

So this piece is something I drew a while ago and decided to finish off. Wasn't sure where I was going with the colour scheme. But here we go. Sorry I'm being super slow.

01/06/2014 - Sunday

Pay day

Got paid, went to the 7/11 and scanned my work. Finished this badboy just now. I had to make my own blending stump, but it worked out fine. June cover for Bluefire Jellyfish magazine! Will link you when its up!

Working on my comic this week for one of my schools! Busy boy.

24/05/2014 - Saturday

10 Minutes later

So here's the drawing I'm on about. I just need to find a scanner at the 7/11. I'm also working on a poorly drawn comic for the kids at work. They should love it (I hope). Will redraw in Photoshop for clean lines.

I posted this 10 minutes after my previous post. The time and date on my laptop is still set to UK time, both posts are technically Saturday in Japan. But whatever.

23/05/2014 - Friday

Colour schemes

Just sorting out colours on some work. I wasn't happy with the rushed colour scheme I originally did. The work is up in the magazine but I wanted to redo the colours. Its really late so I might hate it in the morning. I have to start working on the pencil drawing I've done soon. I need to colour on Photoshop when I can find a scanner. YAY JAPAN <3

23/04/2014 - Wednesday


Here's the wolf lady vectored. I'm going to go make my bento for tomorrow. I should have been drawing tonight, but my friends wanted to get some food. Its the weekend soon. Draw time needed.

22/04/2014 - Tuesday


Hello, I'm now in Japan. I've been here for about a month and its been an AMAZING experience so far. I'll be uploading some work in the next couple of days! So for now, here are some gifs with me and some amazing people. CAR SELFIES <3 Don't be jelly.


13/03/2014 - Thursday

New year

I've not posted in a while! I move to Japan in 9 days. I'll be moving to Fukuchiyama in the Kyoto prefecture! So I'll be there on the 22nd onwards. The store closed at the end of Feb. Back to drawing and uploading.

Will be doing this piece for a magazine. So expect that at some point as well as a cover piece for them.

06/12/2013 - Friday

End of the year post

WOAH! 2013. What a year. Plenty of ups and downs eh? So, December is here. I plan on quitting my job around Christmas. Focus on my illustration work before I move. That's right. I'M MOVING TO JAPAN! WHUUUUT?! I'll post some news around March about this.

Expect work soon. I hope.

Thanks for the support!

Haroon Ehsan.

21/09/2013 - Sunday

Eurogamer 2013

Going to be at Eurogamer again this year. Video work will be uploaded to youtube and linked here later. Maybe.

Here are a few sketches I've been working on. Just trying to draw when I have the time.

19/08/2013 - Monday


Its been a while. If you see me, I'll explain everything to you.


21/04/2013 - Sunday


So. I'm taking a break from this, rediscovering myself? Too many job rejections and not enough work means I'm struggling in everything. So. Thank you for all your support. Your kind words. Your high fives. Your late night conversations. Your commissions. Your inspirational words. Your spending of money on my prints and tee's.

Will I return? Yes, yes I will! I just need that opportunity really, a work environment where I can carry on living and breathing design and Illustration. I put time and effort into this. Worked through the night. Cut off my social life, became a recluse and at the same time, met a tonne of amazing people at all the fairs I attended. It was all worth it. But I feel as though this has all failed. I know, some people work their whole lives to make it...But I just wanted to selfishly draw, create pretty pieces of work and work hard at doing what I love. I didn't want the fame or to be filthy rich. Sure it would have been nice to find more work and be able to support myself through this. But its also painful at times when you've put your heart into your work only for it to be briefly glanced at.

So I'm done. For now. I doubt this is it. I hope not. If I'm still alive, then I'll be drawing.

Thank you.

20/03/2013 - Wednesday


23/02/2013 - Saturday
Howlin' Wolf - Evil

If you're a long way from home, Can't sleep at night. Grab your telephone, Something just ain't right.


11/02/2013 - Monday

Just fooling around. My renewal is up in June for the site hosting and stuff. I don't think I'll be keeping this up.


05/02/2013 - Tuesday

Back to drawing.


02/02/2013 - Friday
Kurt Russell

Finishing up some work. I have no more work going on this month. I might do something different or work on an animation. We shall see!


18/01/2013 - Friday

2 Colour print. Next tee I hope. Definitely going to be selling this as a print at the next print fair. 31st of January at Manchester Art Gallery Zine Fair. 5.30pm - 8.45pm. Come say hi!


30/12/2012 - Sunday
New year

Here's the last drawing of 2012.


17/12/2012 - Monday
Troy & Abed


I've not drawn in SO LONG. I have no drive anymore.
I see a lot of hits on my site recently. Drop me a line. Even if its a hello. Its nice to speak to people visiting.

Today I'll probably job hunt or draw. I think I might spend the entire day drawing. Its 1:27am. I should sleep.


07/12/2012 - Friday
20 Eyes

Second tee is available to buy!

Check my shop here!
Drop me a like on Facebook!


21/11/2012 - Wednesday
Fresh to Death Clothing

New tee. Hopefully printed for next week!

Check my shop here!


16/11/2012 - Friday
Fresh to Death Clothing


Check my shop here!


09/11/2012 - Friday
The Liars Club

A Halloween poster I did for The Liars Club. Have a new years party one that's just been completed. That was with John Whitehead, will upload when it's been approved.


01/11/2012 - Thursday
Fresh to Death

So it begins. Will be available to buy soon.


03/10/2012 - Wednesday



09/09/2012 - Sunday

Enjoy some art. Ready to print and sell soon.


16/07/2012 - Friday
More Submissions

Good art sale at the Night and Day cafe in Manchester! Back to work! More posters for next time :D


22/06/2012 - Friday
More Submissions

This month has been nuts for submissions. I was at Creative Pioneers a couple of weeks ago. It had me distracted from all my work. Finally getting around to finishing them all up. This is for MONO, an AMAZING Japanese band (check them out). 2 Colour tee.

I also have a submission for Sqoshi to complete. I have 7 days left to create something amazing. Feeling slightly pressured what with only having 2/3 hours a night to work on wallpaper for their site!


23/05/2012 - Wednesday

This week has been focused on submitting work to various opportunities.


14/05/2012 - Monday

Ah, freedom...only the crows know what it is to be free.


12/05/2012 - Friday
Mickey Mouse

Soon to be a tee...if there is a demand for it...or if I can afford it. Which colour scheme though?


11/04/2012 - Wednesday
Glory for an Idol

Finally finished the album cover which can be seen further down this page if you scroll down! Going to start re-colouring the t-shirt art for print tomorrow...Should be fun!


04/04/2012 - Wednesday
Promotional Video


25/03/2012 - Sunday

Congrats to my friend on getting married! Had a great time on Friday! Then yesterday I went to another
wedding, shattered. It is currently 12.13am, Just finished this Illustration off. Going to be vectored in the
morning. It is a t-shirt for 'Glory For An Idol'. Will try filming an artist bio for the site too this week!


08/03/2012 - Thursday

Completed the album cover!

Seoul and Tokyo were awesome!


06/02/2012 - Monday

Ok so, I'm posting this a day early (sunday still). But I'm out early for my flight.

I'll be away from my computer for a whole month. I come back on the 7th of March. So any work coming
through will have to wait until I get back.

I'll try keeping my flickr active for those of you who are curious as to what I'm getting up to.

First time travelling on my own...should be interesting.

Thank you and goodbye!


05/02/2012 - Sunday

Some band work. I'll be away from Monday for a whole month. If you want to get in touch e-mail me.
I'll try my best to check my mail frequently.


23/01/2012 - Monday

Slight obsession with drawing pretty ladies. This one is unraveling.

I'm on a bit of a downer at the moment. So I'm going to eat some cake.

These rejections are going to make me fat :(


20/01/2012 - Friday
Owl King

Owl King finally finished.

I held a 24 hour vote on what colours should be used and this is the one everyone picked.
So yeah. Looks pretty sweet.

Also someone from Leeds keeps viewing my site...way too regularly via my facebook. So if this is you, feel
free to email me or friend request me so I can check your work out. Internet stalkers are the best.


17/01/2012 - Tuesday
Owl King


I'm working on something top secret at the moment. My own little project. Something I've wanted to do for
a while. So here is step one of an Illustration I'm working on. Currently vectoring actually.
Been working all day so not had a chance to finish it off. I'm very tired.

It's my brothers birthday tomorrow. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (he won't ever see this...but
who cares)


02/01/2012 - Monday
Oh Shit, 2012 Son!

Happy New Year. I'm tired and not feeling very well. That's what happens when you work too hard and stay
awake at a friends 'House party' until very late...lack of sleep. FUN!

Anyways, this is my part of a collaboration with my Finnish friend currently living in Sweden. He's taking his
sweet time finishing up.

Have an awesome 2012.



23/11/2011 - Wednesday
Different Breed

Feel like showing how I work.

Sketched my design with a Biro and a white Posca pen that acts as Tipex :D Got my OHP paper to draw a
second layer of line work on top.



Just been freaked out by Awolnation's album. There's a track called 'knights of shame'. I thought it finished,
It has a secret track at the end. I was confused as to where the music was coming from.


13/10/2011 - Satuday

So I'm giving away some A3 posters. 10 to give away, Pick any you want from the shop, send me an e-mail
titled 'poster' with the title of the poster you want and information for me to post it out to you. I'll post it to
you when I can, obviously these will be marked 1/10 regardless of which poster you pick.




14/09/2011 - Wednesday
2 In 2 days

WOW so I've posted AGAIN within two days. Awesome!

So that's the poster I've just completed. Expect a print out version soon and probably stickers knocking
about in Manchester.

I need milk.


13/09/2011 - Tuesday

So I guess this is now a blog? But not in the usual wordpress/indexibit/blogspot/etc format...

So I went to Manchester Museum the other day, Well, Friday. Took A few pictures, most came out crappy
but it was a nice change from being stuck at work.

Spent the whole of today working on an Alice In Wonderland themed poster. I actually got commissioned
by a friend, i say commissioned more along the lines of 'dude, paint me some
Alice In Wonderland shoes', a long time ago (Sorry!). So I decided I'd do a pretty poster for her and if she
likes, paint some heels for her.

I'm back to 6 days a week in retail. Please. Shoot me.

Business cards should arrive on the 19th. About time.

The end.


08/08/2011 - Monday

Hello, as promised, a week later and a new poster!

Commission for 'Alpha Centauri'.

I'm so tired, I have been applying for countless jobs for the last week as I have been working on this.
Ramadan is also slowly killing me, the lack of sleep and water is the worst.
Although this week has FLOWN by.

I sky dived for charity last saturday, which was pretty interesting. Will see if I can blag some photo's later :D



01/08/2011 - Monday
Well Hello!

Today I decided to change the 'EPIC' rant that was on this page to something a little less cynical and a little
more positive. I'm assuming you've scrolled down this far to read this.

I am currently working on a fourth poster Illustration, hopefully it should be done by the end of the week!
Also sky diving on Saturday!
May pop into Manchester once I've landed safely and buy a large screen and work on something to print by

P.s Ramadan Mubarak! :D